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Our Philosophy

Pommys believes in creating long term business value jointly with our business partners through ethical business conduct and a collaborative business model. Business trust is the bedrock of Pommys business, and our products and services are premised on the principle of delivering beyond our promises. With an unyielding dedication towards producing high quality and sophisticated designs that excite the fashion industry, Pommys is driven by our vision to be a prominent industry leader in women clothing.

Design inspiration

Pommys inspiration stems from the relentless pursuit of fusing elegance and simplicity into refined designs that thrill the senses. Always breaking new ground with bold refreshing designs, coupled with our expertise in designing technologies, we aspire to create works of sophistication and unrivalled comfort in all our products. Above all, we strive towards creating pieces that speak volumes on quality, comfort and design.


At Pommys, we understand that the foundation of business is built on trust, and we believe that open communication with our business partners is a first step to garnering the trust for a fulfilling business partnership.

We invite our clients to visit our sales office and factory in Dhalavaipuram to understand more about our work process and our values, as well as the culture that is built upon our solid foundation.

Leveraging on the expertise of our business partners, coupled with our manufacturing capabilities, we strive towards making quality goods that delight the end consumers.

Our relationship manager works closely with our customers at every stage of the manufacturing process, gaining valuable feedback from them before, during and after the contract is delivered, so as to ensure customer satisfaction and allow us to better serve their needs in the future.

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Work culture

At Pommys, our dedicated team of staff work on the principle of delivering quality manufactured clothing and service, and going the extra mile for our customers. Every part of the customer experience with Pommys is created with a customer-oriented focus to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with every design and clothing.

Our creative team of artisans and master tailors are from a plethora of diversity, and their combined exposure and experience to the fashion industry makes Pommys an industry leader in creating women’s wear. Every year, the team takes charge in refreshing Pommys’ autumn and winter collections for both women and children.

Our production team emphasizes on the need to ensure high consistency and quality in our manufacturing process. Fastidious attention is placed on each step of the process, so that your products are guaranteed of an unrivalled benchmark of quality. A family culture is what unites and strengthens us in our pursuit for perfection. We work hard and play hard together, ultimately ensuring

Superior fabrics

Pommys places an emphasis on research and innovation of the materials that go into the creation of our clothing.

Using advanced technology, coupled with the extensive research and experience of our team, Pommys constantly establishes new frontiers to fuse sophisticated design with exceptional comfort.

With unique blends of high quality fleece and natural cotton, Pommys creates wearable art that are comfortable yet trendy.

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Skilled Artisans

At Pommys, our team of artisans and master tailors accrue more than 25 years of experience amongst them.

We believe in having only the best and most experienced working for us, and this principle can be seen through the way we hire only experienced and highly qualified personnel to join our ranks.

Each and every one of our staff specializes in what they do, from purchasing materials to the inspection of the final goods. This ensures that there is no compromise of the high quality standards that we are committed to delivering.

Quality attitude

We take great pride in our work, and we believe that every piece of clothing that Pommys manufactures is a testimony to our relentless pursuit for perfection.

Each piece of clothing manufactured by us goes through stringent quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the inspection of fabrics and materials used, to the final checks performed just before the goods are delivered to the customers.

We even pre-wash every shirt so that it is immediately wearable upon purchase by the end consumer.

This ensures that we live up to our long standing commitment of delivering only the highest standards of clothing to our customers, ensuring that our customers and their customers are completely satisfied with the clothing.

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With over 600 artisans and master tailors, Pommys is equipped to meet all your wholesale and manufacturing needs.

Behind Pommys’ inspirational creations is a dedicated team of designers from a diversity of backgrounds. Together, our artisans and master tailors create an amalgam of exciting designs that speak volumes on quality and elegance.

Our team consists of top young minds of highly accredited design institutions, as well as professionals that are highly regarded in the industry.