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Business Opportunities

Pommys Retail

Pommys Retail is the retail initiative of the group and an epicentre of our consumer facing businesses. It has, in a short time, forged strong and enduring bonds with millions of consumers by providing them unlimited choice, outstanding value proposition, superior quality and unmatched experience across all its retail stores.

Since its inception in 2013, Pommys Retail has grown to become Tamilnadu’s largest retailer delivering superior value to its customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Our state wide network of retail outlets delivers a world-class shopping environment and unmatched customer experience powered by our state-of-the-art technology and seamless supply-chain infrastructure. Pommys Retail has democratized access to all types of garments and services across all segments for all Indian consumers.

Deep insight into Tamilnadu’s economic, cultural and consumption diversity drives Pommys Retail vision in the retail all over India. The operating model is based on customer centricity, while leveraging common centres of excellence in technology, business processes and supply chain. More importantly, it has built a strong and unwavering foundation through its extraordinary people.

Pommys Retail is an apparel & accessory specialty format that was conceived with a vision to deliver fashion, selection and quality of products and experience at great prices to its consumers. Pommys Retail launched its first store in the country in feb 2013. Since then the company has opened more than 50 stores across the length and breadth of the tamilnadu. With presence in more than 30 cities, today Pommys Retail is Tamilnadu’s largest fashion destination, selling 2 lakh garments a Month!


  • With the success of our retail showrooms and the popularity of the brand few more retail outlets can be brought in midsized towns also.
  • To enhance the collections of dresses by bringing in varieties of Sarees, other branded Kurthees, Leggings, Chudidhars etc.
  • Go for franchising concept and market our products.
  • To open a mega family shop having an area of about 1 Lac sqft like Pothys.

Franchise Our Concept Stores

Partnering with Pommys Women to establish a retail fashion chain has never been easier. Pommys offers you a complete range of support, ranging from retail and apparel design to marketing collaterals and even renovation subsidies. Why start a brand from scratch, when you can ride on an established brand to kick-start your retail chain immediately?

On top of the advantages offered to our dedicated regional dealers, Pommys offers the following additional advantages for our franchisees:

  • Flexible franchisee agreements and plans
  • Market and business plan analysis
  • Ready to use store concepts and marketing collaterals
  • Renovation subsidies and start up support
  • Operational support and knowledge sharing

Pommys Wholesale

The company is presently supplying its products to over 400 textile showrooms throughout the state of Tamilnadu. In every city and town our company is supplying our quality products to the top rated textile show rooms. Steps are been taken to supply our products on whole sale basis to various other textile show rooms in the state of Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka.


Be Our Distributor

With an endless array of designs, Pommys offers you the opportunity to be an established distributor of quality clothing in your geographical region. Pommys rolls out its autumn and winter design collections yearly for women and children, offering a wide range of sophisticated designs to excite the fashion world.

Pommys offers the following advantages for our distributors:

  • Attractive autumn/winter collections for women and children
  • High quality clothing with competitive pricing
  • Arrangement for the Transport of the manufactured goods
  • A dedicated client relationship manager
  • Our unique quality assurance guarantee

Be Our Dedicated Regional Dealer

Keen to seize the lucrative clothing retail market in your region? As a Pommys dedicated regional dealer, you get the sole distribution rights to Pommys line of clothing in your geographical region, coupled with the option for you to franchise retail stores with Pommys range of designs.

Pommys offers the following advantages for our regional dealers:

  • Sole distribution rights for the geographic region
  • Attractive autumn/winter collections for women and children
  • High quality clothing with competitive pricing
  • Arrangement for the shipment of the manufactured goods
  • A dedicated client relationship manager
  • Our unique quality assurance guarantee

Custom / Private Label Manufacturing

Tailor-made solutions for your business needs

We believe every customer is unique, and that is why we create customized solutions with you, for your business. Pommys offers a complete range of customized services, catered towards addressing all apparel manufacturing requirements of retailers and private label companies.

Let us go the extra mile for you

Pommys offers a comprehensive package of services that entails:

  • Modifying of existing designs and/or creation of new designs
  • Preparation of mockup design, colour and pattern samples
  • Manufacturing of designs in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Private label printing and labelling of apparel
  • Custom packaging Arrangement for the transport of the manufactured goods
  • Our unique quality assurance guarantee

Pommys provides complete manufacturing service and support for all. Our customer-oriented approach anchors our belief and commitment towards creating value for your company.

Our dedicated team of designers and artisan tailors will work with you throughout the process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the manufactured apparels. We believe in establishing long time business partnerships with our customers, with a view of creating business value jointly.