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Company History

Pommys is one of the leading garment manufacturer in Rajapalayam City, Tamil Nadu, specializing in women’s clothing. Initially the business was started in just 300 Sqft rented building with 2 tailors where ladies in-skirts were produced under the brand name Pommys.

During the year 1998 the company supplied its products in about 20 readymade shops in the state of Tamilnadu and the yearly turnover achieved was just Rs.12.00 Lacs only. Right from the beginning the promoters never compromised in giving quality products to their customers. This conscious in quality was rewarded and the Pommys Brand became popular. Now Pommys have 50 own retail outlets in Tamilnadu & Puducherry

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  • Pommys Boutique

    Grand Opening on August 19 Sunday at Coimbatore ( 10.30 A.M - 12.00 Noon )


In this year 1998, Pommys a�� We entered into Garments Industry with two young dynamic personalities as business promoters.A�Initially, we started to manufacture the In-Skirts and supplied to 20 readymade shops in the state of Tamilnadu and the yearly turnover (1998-99) achieved by Rs.12.00 lakhs only.A�Right from the beginning the promoters never compromised in giving quality products to their customers. This conscious in quality was rewarded and the Pommys Brand became popular.

In this year 1999, Nighties become a most popular wearable product among the lady folks in Tamilnadu. Our garment unit has changed the focus into Tamil Ladies trends, our product orientation moved towards Nighties. We produced the Pommys Brand Nighties.

Our promoters decided to avail credit facilities from the Chettiarpatti Branch of Union Bank of India. After cash credit loan was availed and production of Nighties started in full swing.
In the same time, Nighties demand grew up well by A.K Ahmed Shop -Madurai. They offered a huge order in this year. Additionally, we increased workforce personnel to 20 to make medium production range in garments.

Our design and production unit kept on introducing Nighties with latest trendiest patterns and designs. This attracted many more customers and our companya��s turnover reached the Rs.100.00A�Lakhs for the first time.

In this year 2005, our company acquired a new building having an area of 6000 Sqft and we started production activities from our own building. With increase in demand the production level needed to be increased as well.

During the year 2007 the workforce personnel was further increased to 120, we achieved Rs.250.00 Lakhs of turnover(2007-08). This is new milestone in our history. A�The new milestone is achieved by the biggest orders from the Textile Giants Chennai Silks and Saravana Stores

Our promoters sensed the customer’s demand and growth for our products in the market. They decided to reach the new height of Garment Industry. With bankers support, our promoters acquired the Land of 1.63 Acres. In this sequence, our building construction was established with 18000 Sqft for garment manufacturing activities.
Further, our Pommys Brand advertised on public Medias like local Radio Channels & weekly magazines. This effort was fruitful for Pommys Products; we started to supply over 200 leading shops in Tamilnadu. Also our workforce personnel increased to 200 to manufacture the new wide range of products like Leggings, Brassieres, Night Suits, and Chudidhars etc. This became widely popular in the market and our unit achieved a turnover(2008-09) of Rs.500.00 Lakhs.

In the year 2009, our production units are integrated into company setup, Our Company has been registered as Pommys Garments (India) Private Limited.
Our promoters introduced the new banker to get strong financial support. We increased the workforce personnel to 300 and we achieved the new turnover(2009-10) to Rs.15.00 Crore .

During the year 2010, our promoters introduced the new partnership firm named a�?Angel Apparelsa�? wherein their better halves were partners.
Over these years, our company had started to supply our quality products to various medium range reputed retailers in the whole Tamilnadu. Then Pommys Brand became most popular among the women folks.
In this chasing business, Tamil Cine Actress Devayani who is very popular among Tamilnadu, she was roped in as a Model and the Brand Ambassador of Pommys Brand; this was helped to reach our brand into everyonea��s home. Her role is an important turning point in our brand made very popular. For the financial year (2010-11) companya��s turnover is Rs.18 Crore

Similarly, during the year 2011 our promoters themselves floated another partnership firm named a�?Sneha Apparelsa�?. In this year, we achieved a new boundary. Yes, our turnover reached the new height of Rs.28 Crore for the financial year 2011-12.

In our promotersa�� guidance, our company growth moves towards up. In this year, we have achieved the yearly turnover Rs.48 Crores for the 2012-13 financial years.

Our promoters are not being calm from those all previous successes. They decided to satisfy the Customers Demand in their doorsteps. This was the advent setting of the firstA�Own Retail OutleA�in the City of Tirunelveli.

With customera��s overwhelming support of our first retail outlet, we started 2 more such own retail outlets especially for Ladies folks. This was followed by opening of such own retail outlets in various places of Tamilnadu. Companya��s turnover(2013-14) achievementA� was Rs.57.77 Crores.

Our promoters continued the establishment of Outlets in all major cities around Tamilnadu. In this year we have started the own retail shops in 7 different locations. We achieved the new turnover growth of Rs.84.21 Crores for the financial year 2014-15.

In this year 2015, we have enriched our retail Outlets to 20 different new locations in entire Tamilnadu. By the end of the year 2015 the total workforce personnel stood at 1200. As per expectation of Promoters, our company business crossed the 100 Crores.
We won the India SME 100 awards from central govt. For the financial year 2015-16 our company turnover was Rs.125.37 Crores.

In this year 2016, our promoters opening ceremony of new retail outlets are continued. They introduced 18 new Outlets in this year only. In the same time two more new garment firms were introduced by our promoters in partnership program, firms named as Pommys Apparels and Pommys Readymades. Here our both promoters and their spouse were the partners in these new firms. These firms also carried out their production and marketing activities under the name of Pommys Brand.
In this year, we broken all previous records of us and achieved turnover as a out of boundary in turnover(2016-17) of Rs.154.00 Crores

In this year, we had opened 3 retail Outlets. As a new event all the four partnership firms were merged with the company Pommys Garments (India) Private Limited. Now our total workforce personnel stood at 1000.
Pommys won the two different awards in 3 categories, Global SME Award and India 5000 Best MSME award.In this same year we entered into public sector from the private concerns. Yes, now, we are Pommys Garments (India) Limited.
Our companya��s new rocking target is 275 Crores for the ensuing financial year 2017-18. In the Half year ended at 30th September 2017, turnover is 126.19 Crores.

In beginning of the year, Pommys opened 2 new retail Outlets. Now we have 50 own retail Outlets. Here out of 50, 5 Outlets areA�Pommys SilksA�a�� They provide a complete family shopping, where all types garments and various brands of wearable avails for the Entire Family (boys, girls, men & women).
12 Outlets areA�Pommys BoutiqueA�a�� These shops are a complete solutions for entire range ofA� ladies garment products. Other all 33 outlets areA�Pommys Nighties & InnerwearA�a�� They provide solutions for all Home wear, NightwearA� and Innerwear for all Ladies.